Sichuan Restaurant, London

116 Churchfield Road



W3 6BY

Telephone: 020 8992 9473

This post has long been overdue. It was meant to be the first post for this blog, but obviously it isn’t! Back in easter my cousins and I decided to trek all the way to Acton to eat at this reasonable priced and delicious sichuan restaurant.

We had:麻婆豆腐 (ma por tofu),水煮牛肉 (beef cooked in chilli soup),餃子 (meat dumplings) and prawns cooked in chilli. The lady kindly asked us, after I had asked what each dish was, whether we like chilli food and we nodded like dogs to say “WE LOVE CHILLI FOOD KIND LADY!”

But the spicyness we had in mind was far from reality, it was hot! We were so thankful for meat dumplings which weren’t spicy and the free tea refills!

Sadly, I cannot remember much from this dinner except the fact that we all felt dizzy from spice and am planning to return there soon. Don’t we all love a good ol’ spicy dish?

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4 thoughts on “Sichuan Restaurant, London

  1. You probably won’t believe this but this restaurant is my local! :D I feel so lucky to have a fantastic Sichuan restaurant right near where I live.

    I grabbed some takeaway from there today and had grilled pork dumplings and lip-tinglingly spicy cold Sichuan noodles for dinner!

    They recently added an amazing sweet and sour aubergine to their menu – I’m uploading the photo to my Flickr photostream soon!

    They also do a really terrific Sichuan hotpot and la zi ji (chicken with chiles)!

  2. im actually slightly jealous that this is your local restaurant! I love it in there!
    Sweet and sour aubergines? ooohhh interesting!
    Oh i so wana do hotpot there for xmas, is it expensive?!?!

  3. Just put up my post on the sweet and sour aubergine. The hotpot is £18 per person for the big bowl of red hot stock (with fish or rabbit) and lots of ingredients to cook. It’s not all you can eat but we’ve never managed to finish all that was provided!

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