Honey and Co : Middle Eastern food in the heart of London

Honey and Co

Honey and Co seats about 20 people at the max, with two small tables outside. On the outside it’s a shop you could easily pass by without noticing the tempting cakes placed in the window, nor the constant stream of customers coming in and out of the small eatery.

The menu all fits onto a piece of A4 sheet so it’s not the most extensive menu out there but there is abit of everything plus everything looks so appealing that it’s a hard choice to choose what to have!

Honey and Co

I chose to have the Roasted Aubergine, Focaccia bread, Tahini and egg which was delicious! Though I might be bias because firstly, I love aubergines, secondly I heart Tahini and lastly focaccia is one of my favourite breads. Aubergine was roasted till soft and went really well with the cream tahini, and firm focaccia. Friends ordered the Chicken salad with large Couscous and Falafel; they said ‘this is really good’ and silence follows, we are too busy eating for conversation at this point.

Honey and Co

When I said the mains were hard to choose from, the dessert menu or rather dessert menu PLUS dessert boards were even harder to pick a choice from. We wanted to order one of every dessert but finally settled upon a chocolate cake, pistachio plum and coconut cake, cheesecake and another plum cake. We weren’t too keen on the cheesecake at first because it sounded too strange, but a man (who we thought was a waiter turned out to be the owner and chef) said the cheesecake was awesome. See how easily persuaded we are?

Honey and Co

Indeed the best of them all was the cheesecake! Crunchy syrupy Kataifi pastry worked so well with the tangy raspberries, cream and sweet crunchy almonds! Overall the desserts here have beaten cake shops like L’Eto, Patissere Valerie and Pauls. Honey and Co have much more interesting choices, reminds me of Gails (though I haven’t tried Gails yet).

Fresh, simple and delicious is really what this little place is. Do go before word gets out how uber they are. Then you’ll have to queue at all times, for now its best kept a secret because I want to go there again! Oh, not very relevant but they have a cute toilet area, visit it.

25a Warren Street,
0207 388 6175

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2 thoughts on “Honey and Co : Middle Eastern food in the heart of London

    • This is defo worth a try, I think they are open now on Thurs/Fri nights for dinner too! :But do book, otherwise it’ll be hard to grab a seat! :D
      Thanks fore reading!

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