Honest Burgers Soho (Veggies are welcomed too!)

Honest Burger with Rosemary Salt Chips £9

I’ve been hearing about Honest Burgers and have always wanted to try it but Brixton seems, well a trek away! So when they launched in Soho I suggested it for a girly lunch one Saturday afternoon. It’s cosy, efficient and busy. Not quite the place I would venture too at the peak hours, especially during the winter when waiting outside is just freezing and boring. Head here during the non-peak hours and you’ll be rewarded with juicy burgers and delicious moreish rosemary salted chips.

It really is the place you need to visit for burgers at least once in your lifetime. Bit like Hawksmoor (I HAVE GOLDEN TICKET TO SOFT LAUNCH –hyperventilates a little-). Oh, and they have vegetarian option too which sounds divine (friends can confirm they are yummy) so fear not if others in your party are vegetarian. Drag them here and burger away.

4A Meard Street,
0203 609 9524

Honest Burgers on Urbanspoon

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