Bone Daddies Ramen

BoneDaddies Ramen

Condiments, with a garlic crusher for those who want more flavour.

The name made me giggle a bit and reminded me of the yoghurt shop names they have in HK, like Yo-mama. Anyway, when London first started the burger craze it made me all crazily excited about going to try and eat the delicious burgers. However now, well ….well my burger taste buds are slightly fraying and dying a little from all the trying, plus I’ve concluded that Hawksmoor still tops my best burgers list. No more trying burgers instead I’m glad that ramen has decided to hit London, so very glad! There is nothing better in winter than to sit down and slurp on ramen, sip hot broth and eat silky eggs. Nothing beats that in winter and I can never get tired of ramen. I can never get tired of rice and noodle dishes.

The aim last Friday night was to get there early, because somehow I had a feeling that there would be queues. But, erm, the ‘get there early’ never happened because naturally I was distracted by shops. I mean what girl doesn’t need another pair of shoes? Or test all the beauty products? No, okie that’s just me.

BoneDaddies Ramen


Luckily, once we got there, no queues were to be seen and we were seated within 5 minutes! For drinks I ordered the Carrot n Ginger Juice (£3), Mr A chose the Mr SPARKLE (£4.20). Mr SPARKLE was weird; we couldn’t taste the oolong tea or cucumber (though I never expected to taste cucumber). But the whole drink was very much overpowered with bitter pink grapefruit. It was an odd sparkling drink, not refreshing nor was it tasty. Carrot n Ginger juice was mainly just carrot juice, but again not very nice. I’m not sure whether they skinned the carrots/ginger before passing it through the processor because there was that distinctive muddy skin taste to the drink. I always have Carrot n Ginger juice at home, and it certainly does not have that taste when all the skin has been taken off the carrot and ginger before juicing.

BoneDaddies Ramen


Food wise we ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen (£11) because you can’t visit a ramen place without ordering Tonkotsu! We also ordered the Soy Ramen (£9), both dishes we added corn (£0.50) as extra. Sides consisted of Pickles (£4) and Soft Shell Crab (£8), the soft shell crab was a measly 3 bites with some legs for an expensive price of £8. The taste was lovely, crunchy with crab meat in the middle and the spicy dipping sauce gave the crab a real punch. We liked it but for £8, the portion was far too small. The pickles, overall the pickles were very good however they had pickle apricot we think it was and that was just too much. Apricot is a soft fleshy fruit, pickling soft fleshy fruits means that it soaks up all the pickle juice. This leads to the eater having a burst of pickle juice and mush in the mouth when eating, not nice at all. Carrot needed a little longer time in the pickle jar but otherwise the pickle side dish was delicious!

BoneDaddies Ramen

Soy Ramen

From the ramen side of things, the egg was perfect and the pork was much nicer than the ones we’ve had at Tonkotsu and Ittenbari. This was because the pork had even distribution of layers of fat and meat, brilliant! Many have said that Tonkotsu soup has improved since they first opened, unfortunately I haven’t been to try it recently so can only compare with Ittenbari. The soup isn’t as good as Ittenbari or Cocoro as BoneDaddies soup doesn’t have the lovely intense flavours that you usually get with a good broth. We both prefer the eggy ramen that Ittenbari has to offer.

BoneDaddies Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

I think I’ll stick to Ittenbari for now because for me, a bowl of ramen is meant to fill you up. Tonkotsu will be for when I’m peckish, though I shall give it another try as the broth has improved. Mr A says ramen in Japan is mind blowing, I’m still waiting for that in London. For now I’m off to try Shoryu Ramen tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Bone Daddies Ramen

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  2. Can’t quite believe you are complaining about the price when you went to the soft launch when it was all 50% off!

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