Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen

Hakata Tonkotsu

London has found a new hobby to focus on; we are currently heading to become ramen slurping addicts. So I was ecstatic when Japan Centre announced they were opening one a few doors down from Japan Centre. Logic tells me that if it’s backed by the Japanese then the ramen must be of decent quality. I was not wrong.

This time we invited our Japanese friend to come along and slurp, naturally we let him take charge of the ordering and opted for the 3 most common type of ramen and 1 of the special ramen. Between the 3 of us, we had ordered 4 bowls of steaming ramen, these were: Tokyo Shoyu (£8), Sapporo Miso (£8), Hakata Tonkotsu (£8) and Yuzu Tonkotsu (£10.40).

Shoryu Ramen

Tokyo Shoyu

Let’s keep this short and precise because I know you’re just dying to get off and slurp ramen. Lets start with the drawbacks. These were the pork, which weren’t as melt in the mouth as Bone Daddies Ramen and the egg which isn’t as good as both, Bone Daddies and Tonkotsu. Both, I feel, are important elements to the dish.

Shoryu Ramen

Sappora Miso

The Sapporo Miso broth was quite light though would have been a touch nicer if the miso flavour was stronger. The highlight for us was the Yuzu Tonkotsu, it was amazing. The Tonkotsu broth was flavoursome; it was a proper pork base broth without shortcuts taken, the Yuzu simply added an extra citrusy spice to it which we loved.

Shoryu Ramen

Yuzu Tonkotsu

On the first slurp of the Yuzu Tonkotsu, we forgave them for the dry pork and overcooked egg. And have plans to go back there again. Ittenbari and Shoryu Ramen:  You two are undoubtedly our favourite ramen places in London. The egg and pork can be easily improved I’m sure.

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One thought on “Shoryu Ramen

  1. I was able to try this 2 weeks ago in my short trip to London. Hailing from Syd where we are spoilt for good Jap food, I’d say I was happy with Shoryu’s fare. But was sorry a lot of the menu that we wanted to try were still ‘coming soon’ dishes. Something to keep in mind to come back to no doubt.

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